Fresh off Eliza’s and Prof. Sprigman’s discussion of sampling, LMFAO argues that “Every day I’m shufflin’” constitutes fair use of Rick Ross’ “Every day I’m hustlin’.”
Good luck trademarking McAnything. The TTAB is pretty sure you’ll just be confused for McDonald’s.
UK copyright law finally allows for parody and pastiche of copyrighted material, so long as the judge likes it. (via IPKat)
California state copyright law may give owners general performance rights for pre-1972 songs. It just took lawyers 30 years to notice.
With en banc review off the table, SCOTUS may have a few thoughts on the Federal Circuit’s ruling that patent owners lack standing when co-owners don’t voluntarily join suit.
Sherlock Holmes is both public domain and not public domain. It just depends on which of his traits your version has.
Dennis Crouch discusses Judge Wu’s invalidation of lip-syncing animation technology, one of the first applications of Alice Corp. to non-business-method claims.
Turns out, Lara Croft’s personal brand of archaeology probably isn’t legal. But what about Indiana Jones? (via Law and the Multiverse)
Cort Welch is a J.D. candidate, ’15, at the NYU School of Law