WikiLeaks released another draft of the Trans-Pacific Partnership’s intellectual property chapter. As you might have guessed, many are displeased.
Congratulations, European librarians! You can digitize your books without infringing copyrights.
Access to the internet does not imply access to a given copyrighted work.
Google Google: verbification isn’t enough to make a trademark generic.
Be careful when aiming for “green” marks.
Is it a retro sneaker, or is it a Chuck Taylor? And where is fashion to look for IP protection?
SCOTUS refused to clarify whether eBay applies to trademark, and the Federal Circuit has been asked to review its decision that Raging Bull applies to patent.
SCOTUS may actually split on a patent decision. But their unanimity streak was going so well! SCOTUSblog summarized the oral argument, and Patent Docs touched on the amicus briefs.
After 25 years on the USTR’s Special 301 priority watchlist, India still wants nothing to do with the current process.
Zombie Cinderella is different enough from Disney Cinderella to merit a trademark. But what about Vampire, Ghost, and Werewolf Cinderella?
Cort Welch is a J.D. candidate, ’15, at the NYU School of Law