On December 3rd, JIPEL contributing author Adam Waks will be part of the faculty for the International Intellectual Property Institute-Bloomberg BNA CLE “Trade Secrets: The New Frontier in a Changing IP Landscape.” The conference will provide an overview of current trade secret law, the proposed Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2014, and strategies for creating policies and procedures that protect trade secrets. Waks will be presenting on trade secrets and employment in the current era, including:

  • Entrance interviews, employment contracts, and acknowledgment forms
  • Employee records and exit interviews
  • The Inevitable Disclosure Doctrine
  • When employees start their own companies

Waks previously discussed these topics for our Spring 2014 issue in “Where the Trade Secret Sits: How the Economic Espionage Act Is Inflaming Tensions in the Employment Relationship, and How Smart Employers and Employees Are Responding.”