You finally got a gig as a standup comedian and your competitor stole your best joke?
Your favorite chef created a new culinary masterpiece and a week later the restaurant down the street started serving the same thing?
You heard on the news that Google is making millions of dollars off of Android even though it is based on Linux, an operating system notoriously fighting for free software?
You bought a beautiful dress for $500 and find the same dress an hour later for 30 bucks?
Have you ever been in any of the above situations and said to yourself that the law should do something about that? If so, then come hear why lawyers and non-legal folk in the comedy, software, food and fashion industries (dis)agree with you. This event is open to anyone interested in the above industries – no legal experience required!
What? JIPEL’s first annual symposium: “Innovation without Regulation: How Necessary is Intellectual Property Law?”
When? 9AM on November 21
Where? Greenberg Lounge, Vanderbilt Hall, NYU School of Law, 40 Washington Square South, New York, NY 10012
Details to follow at Such as:

  1. Lineup of panelists
  2. Topics of discussion
  3. Registration and RSVP
  4. Full event schedule
  5. More exciting reasons to attend the event!

For any questions, please email Symposium Editor Christoffer Stromstedt at
This event has been approved for up to 3 CLE credits for both experienced and newly admitted attorneys.